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Lead-her-ship driven by an IDF Major, pilot, serial entrepreneur & startup expert

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My story isn’t unique, and with the right motivation, it could easily be yours as well. At the same time, it’s not every day you hear about a woman with an international upbringing and a military career raising $6.5 million for a lifesaving startup by the time she’s thirty. But entrepreneurship is in my DNA. Having spent most of my early life struggling to fit in, I discovered I was born to stand out – by innovating within the startup and entrepreneurial worlds, as well as by inspiring others to follow suit through international speaking engagements.

My story is why I can inspire your personal and professional change. It’s why I can leverage over 10 years in the defense, HLS and public safety industries to take your idea from 0 to 100; why I can help you learn from failures and promote innovation and success. I can and will advise the female entrepreneur on how to best navigate the male-dominated business world, drawing upon my personal experiences in the IDF, university, and in startups, just like you.

Speaking Topics

Executives, key company stakeholders, franchise owners, and entrepreneurial hopefuls delight- I’ll share my story and my message with you in a highly customized, interactive, and engaging way. I speak about the following topics – and more.


What does it really take to transform an idea into an innovation, or a fancy into a dream fulfilled?

As a startup founder and successful entrepreneur myself, I know exactly what new startups need – and how to help them realize their innovative ideas from 0 to 100, and grow their businesses to 130+ employees, like I’ve done in the past. Through my lectures, I explain my methods and enlighten my audience as to what I can do to help them build their businesses and position them for success, as well as what they can do to take the business world by storm, with their own two hands. In addition, I speak about my background as an Israeli who spent time in America. I delve into how these experiences helped me “Speak American”, and learn to optimally help businesses successfully penetrate the US market.

Lead - Her - Ship

How can you become a female leader in a male-dominated industry - without losing your sense of self?

Women have made great strides in business in recent decades. And although it may seem like female entrepreneurs are trying to fit themselves into a man’s world, this is absolutely no longer the case. In my lectures, I discuss what it feels like being one of the few female founders in a boardroom full of male entrepreneurs, especially in the testosterone-heavy defense industry. I cover the subject of women in leadership positions, and how the female voice can and should be leveraged to achieve new and great heights in a male-dominated industry.

Startup Nation

How and why did Israel become the ‘Startup Nation’ and what can we learn from it?

Israel has long been known as the Startup Nation, populated by talented, driven innovators who leverage their skill and their confident attitude to achieve the unachievable. In my lectures, I discuss the connection between the sense of duty and diligence instilled within me during my army days, and the courage needed to jump into the proverbial waters and start your own business. How the solidarity, camaraderie, and devotion serving as a unit in the IDF can and does accompany Israelis while in the army and later, as a civilian

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