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Achieve your entrepreneurial dreams

Consultation meeting

There is so much uncertainty linked to establishing a startup. You need funding and partnerships, but are limited in time, money, and resources. Seeking the services of a startup consultant is the smart, future-forward move you cannot afford not to make.

A startup consultant is an expert and experienced professional who is ready and willing to advise you on the steps you need to take to achieve your business goals. From providing keen management advice and unbiased feedback, to engaging in thorough market research and roadmap generation on your behalf, as your startup consultant, I will be your partner in driving your new business towards successful market penetration.

What you should expect: Out-of-the-box thinking, creative flexibility, and a desire to push your envelope to give your startup the best possible entry into the market. I aim to find the angle that will give your target audience the best possible first impression of your business, and will guide you through exactly what you need to do to get your foot in the door.

This would be perfect for: Fledgeling startups looking to avoid common industry mistakes and succeed, from the start, by sitting down for one or more highly-targeted meetings.

Ongoing Mentorship

Mentors empower others to lead, by their example. They leverage their own experience and expertise to drive momentum within young and more veteran businesses looking to generate more buzz, clicks, sales, and infamy for their brands.

As your mentor, I will share my life’s lessons with you, harnessing them to uncover exciting opportunities for your business, develop growth strategies, and expand your innovation capabilities. My unique methods are the direct result of my path through the entrepreneurial world, and will keenly be tuned to suit your business’ needs and enable the achievement of lasting results.

What you should expect: I don’t just speak English; I speak American, through and through. My deep knowledge and understanding of the US market will be instrumental in your business’ success, and I will utilize it to help you put your best foot forward through go-to-market strategizing, in networking opportunities, and more.

This would be perfect for: New and experienced businesses looking for guidance on how to improve their offerings & operations, enter new markets like the US, and better position themselves as the industry leaders they are.

“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.”

Henry Ford

What you get when you work with me

A vast network of connections in a wide variety of verticals, including defense, cybersecurity, intelligence, public safety, and others

An arm in the US – I can represent you at single meetings, during due diligence processes, in assessing market fit, and when analyzing the US market

Experience based on my professional successes and failures, to ensure you’re on the path to success

What my clients are saying about me

Fearless and brilliant, Lital knows precisely how to strategize to achieve any business goal. Her vision and plans are eloquently and charismatically given over with extreme passion at every speaking engagement. A true embodiment of female strength and success.
Vered Ramon Rivlin
Lady Globes
Lital is an outstanding lecturer, who knows exactly what to say to engage and excite her audience. Her lecture on ‘How to Enter the American Market,’ was the most memorable part of Tel Aviv University’s entire elite entrepreneurship course. I look forward to hearing her speak again in the near future.
Barak Finkelshtein
Lital knows how to cut through red tape and drive results. Fast on her toes and an agile thinker, she possesses an unparalleled ability to simplify complex dilemmas, understand human behavior and technology, and unlock a wide range of unexpected and impactful solutions. Her raw cognitive power and refreshing, straightforward approach make her a pleasure to work with.
Lior Susan
Founder and Managing Partner at Eclipse
I became acquainted with Lital when she served as Parliament5’s community member in NYC, and have collaborated with her as co-team members. She is the strong team leader, excellent reputation strategist and clear-headed BizDev consultant companies need to succeed.
Daniel Ofek
Founder Parliament 51
Beyond Lital’s phenomenal speaking and leadership skills, I was most impressed with her genuine, down-to-earth demeanor, and drive to empower others. She is a veritable asset to any team or organization looking to enhance their offering or scale their operations.
Nir Mesterman
Founder and CEO of Mesterman Management Inc
Lital is one of the most fearless, brilliant female founders. She reads the map and outlines the strategy to the goal. She is an amazing speaker, charismatic, strong and passionate. A visionary with a plan.
Darya Henig Shaked
WeAct Ventures
This recommendation isn't for Lital, this one is for you... I met thousands of entrepreneurs during the last few years as a lead mentor at TAU and TLV Startup challenge Manger, only one entrepreneur actually impacted me ... Lital is a F☆☆☆☆☆ WINNER... so if you read this, I hope you will have the same luck as I had, and let Lital change your life like she changed mine.
Ohad Golub
Tel Aviv University Entrepreneurship Center
“Lital is the ideal partner for innovative collaborations. She’s skilled, driven, and highly focused. But most importantly, she is a great listener and a genuine team player. It’s was a unique and special journey building Carbyne together “
Amir Elichai
Founder & CEO Carbyne