Brace yourself for one crazy story, my story

My story begins here

Raised as an “army brat,” in Reut, Israel, and Pennsylvania, USA, I enlisted in the IDF, truly devoted to safeguarding the State of Israel. During my seven-year tenure, I rose in the ranks from Infantry Instructor to Operations Officer in the Gaza Strip, to Major, a role I continue to serve through reserve duty activities to this date. During this time, the values of professionalism, leadership, accuracy, performance whilst under pressure, and courage, became ingrained in every fiber of my being.
Following my decision to leave a career in the IDF and trek across South America without any idea what my future had in store, I began studying psychology and business at IDC Herzliya. I searched for a way to create meaning in the world, something that would give me the same purpose and fulfillment as my army service. In 2014, upon first meeting Amir Elichai, an opportunity presented itself and I took the plunge, head-first, into the world of entrepreneurship.
Collaborating with Amir to co-Found Reporty, which later became Carbyne, opened the doors for me to leverage my vast military knowledge, experience, and expertise, while simultaneously discovering myself as in the civilian world. Together, we created a startup poised to change the world of communication between people and emergency services, law enforcement authorities, and municipalities. Our partnership entrusted me with a treasure trove of tools and resources - and the $1.5 million in funding received from Ehud Barak - just a portion of the $40+ million raised, solidified my belief that I was barking up the right tree.
After four-and-a-half years of taking the company from 0-100, employing 100 workers, and operating across the globe, I made the decision to transition to the American market. Although I remained a co-founder and shareholder, I took a step back from Carbyne and continued my career at Mobileye, operating their business development from their New York office. I harnessed my knowledge of the American mentality and the English language to quickly learn the market and succeed in my new position. But I quickly learned that this was not the position for me.
Erik Prince: successful, American, businessman extraordinaire. I randomly stumbled across his path and joined his team, Global, as a business development executive. I managed his business portfolio and his global investments. Just a year-and-a-half later, we joined forces to found COMframe, a company that takes the best of Israeli defense technology providers, and helps them penetrate the American market by bridging prevalent gaps, as well as through my premier integrator and business development platform for deploying advanced military, special operations, public safety and HLS solutions in the United States, and a wide network of partnerships, both government and civilian.
ComFrame is led and staffed by Special Operations and defense procurement veterans with billions of dollars of successful sales to USG and foreign governments to their names. Our track-record of success implementing complex procurement and integrations programs from intelligence gathering & analysis, to contracting, program sales and personnel deployment, is exceptional.

Things I Learned the Wrong Way

Dedication is the key to everything, but sometimes, it isn’t enough to get you to your final destination on its own. Sometimes, things don’t go as planned – and that can be scary. But with a healthy dose of courage and a can-do attitude, you can conquer the world, and change it for the better. Learn from my mistakes, to be the change you want to be.

  • Don’t let fear be your driving force; but don’t let it halt you in your tracks, either.
  • Stay true to yourself.
  • There are lots of ways to get to your final destination. Don’t fall in love with your solution – be flexible and open to other professionals’ opinion.
  • Surround yourself with people who share your professional ‘DNA,’ vision, and values, and are dedicated to your cause.

My mission is

I am a firm believer in listening to others and sharing my experiences – the good and the bad, and how they shaped my life to this day.

  • I constantly endeavor to increase my knowledge and broaden my horizons;
  • I seek to integrate those tools I acquire during every learning experience and leverage them in my own projects and activities in the best possible way;
  • I strive to take great dreams and ideas, and transform them into reality for others, using my past, personal and professional experiences to ensure optimal results.

Who I’ve Worked With

What My Clients are Saying About Me

Fearless and brilliant, Lital knows precisely how to strategize to achieve any business goal. Her vision and plans are eloquently and charismatically given over with extreme passion at every speaking engagement. A true embodiment of female strength and success.
Vered Ramon Rivlin
Lady Globes
Lital is an outstanding lecturer, who knows exactly what to say to engage and excite her audience. Her lecture on ‘How to Enter the American Market,’ was the most memorable part of Tel Aviv University’s entire elite entrepreneurship course. I look forward to hearing her speak again in the near future.
Barak Finkelshtein
Lital knows how to cut through red tape and drive results. Fast on her toes and an agile thinker, she possesses an unparalleled ability to simplify complex dilemmas, understand human behavior and technology, and unlock a wide range of unexpected and impactful solutions. Her raw cognitive power and refreshing, straightforward approach make her a pleasure to work with.
Lior Susan
Founder and Managing Partner at Eclipse
I became acquainted with Lital when she served as Parliament5’s community member in NYC, and have collaborated with her as co-team members. She is the strong team leader, excellent reputation strategist and clear-headed BizDev consultant companies need to succeed.
Daniel Ofek
Founder Parliament 51
Beyond Lital’s phenomenal speaking and leadership skills, I was most impressed with her genuine, down-to-earth demeanor, and drive to empower others. She is a veritable asset to any team or organization looking to enhance their offering or scale their operations.
Nir Mesterman
Founder and CEO of Mesterman Management Inc
Lital is one of the most fearless, brilliant female founders. She reads the map and outlines the strategy to the goal. She is an amazing speaker, charismatic, strong and passionate. A visionary with a plan.
Darya Henig Shaked
WeAct Ventures
This recommendation isn't for Lital, this one is for you... I met thousands of entrepreneurs during the last few years as a lead mentor at TAU and TLV Startup challenge Manger, I tried to impact them all, but only one entrepreneur actually changed me, led me to understand there are people that are just different, made from something else, the ones you always want by your side ... Lital is a F☆☆☆☆☆ WINNER... so if you read this, I hope you will have the same luck as I had, and let Lital change your life like she changed mine.
Ohad Golub
Tel Aviv University Entrepreneurship Center
“Lital is the ideal partner for innovative collaborations. She’s skilled, driven, and highly focused. But most importantly, she is a great listener and a genuine team player. It’s was a unique and special journey building Carbyne together “
Amir Elichai
Founder & CEO Carbyne

What The Press is Saying About Me

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